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Tasmania (Tas) is a very special place. Here you will find a treasure trove of some of the world’s most interesting experiences. The wild life is unique and much of it can be found nowhere else in the world. Its pristine wilderness regions rival those of the Amazon Rainforest and the north of Canada as some of the most special places in the world. Majestic mountains and lakes fill the interior and the coastline is rugged and windswept.

This is a land of timeless forests, beautiful farmlands, spectacular scenery and wildlife and modern cities rich in their own culture and enhanced with quality hotels, motels, apartments, cafés and great restaurants

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The Best Beaches In Tasmania

The Best Beaches In Tasmania

Looking for The Best Beaches in Tasmania? Here is our list. If there is one thing you will not have trouble finding on your Tasmanian adventure, there are plenty of top Tasmania beaches! Tasmania, as

Best Places to Take the Family in Tasmania

Tasmania’s adventure activities will appeal to you. Tasmania is a beautiful part of Australia, and many visitors come to see its vast, rugged wilderness areas. Australia’s southernmost point is home to some of the world’s

Best 4×4 Trails in Tasmania

National parks and reserves cover almost one-third of Australia’s island state. Wild beaches surround the rest, and inland rainforests lead to breathtaking snow-capped highlands. Tassie is home to some of the last temperate wilderness areas